Investment strategy

Since TDR Capital was founded in 2002 by Manjit Dale and Stephen Robertson, the firm has been creating value by applying a high impact approach to investing in a focused portfolio of companies. We take a long-term view to create sustainable growth at our portfolio companies, driving returns and combining robust growth plans for our businesses with a rigorous focus on capital preservation. The average hold period of our current portfolio is approximately 6 years.

We focus on investing in strong, market-leading businesses with the potential for growth regardless of the economic cycle. We are an ambitious investor with a focused portfolio and will support our companies with both additional capital and significant team resources in order to drive sustainable growth in revenue and profitability and strategic value creation.

We currently manage over €10 billion of committed capital. Please see Investor relations for further information on our funds and investors.

TDR as shareholder

We are an ambitious and active shareholder, supporting the management teams of our portfolio companies to drive growth and strategic value creation both through applying the experience of our team and financial resources.

Our long-term and focused approach to investing means that we are willing to invest significant amounts of team resource and capital to: 

  • Fund ambitious capital investment programmes
  • Support market consolidation strategies
  • Invest in strategic growth initiatives

We understand that bringing about significant change at our portfolio companies can take time and requires a willingness to forgo short-term financial metrics in some cases to drive longer-term sustainable growth. We have a strong track-record of working collaboratively with our management teams to deliver on a shared vision for growth and value creation.

Alignment of interests

The TDR team is the largest investor in our funds, demonstrating a clear alignment of interests with our investors and our management teams and underpinning the "one-team" culture of the firm.